For the months of January and February:

Book a Hot Stone Massage and save $5!

The Hot Stone treatment is a little over an hour, and consists of massage with hot and cool stones.  Winter is the best time of year for this special treatment!


"Contemporary Stone Therapy is a healing art that can be practiced by energy workers who are drawn to discover the world of contemporary healing arts.  The main healing element in the therapy is the subtle energies reeleased by heated and cooled stones in conjuction with relaxation massage strokes, bringing about release from stress through deep relaxation. 

Deeply penetrating electromagnetic energies from the stones reach deep into the core into the vital organs of the body and release stress not only superficially, in soft muscle tissue, but from the inner organs and the soft muscle tissue as well.  The results of this unique healing art can be much more profound than a massage or Reiki treatment or reflexology session because stone therapy is a combination of them all."

Nina Gart, author of "Stone Therapy School, Hot & Cold Stone Basic Massage, Level 1"